Trades of Hope

Give HOPE | Day Two

Today’s featured item: Rosa Necklace from Guatemala! Rosa’s story is in the comments 💜 Also available today for 50% off, be sure to grab these pieces that have been added today while supplies last: ▪ Esther Necklace ▪ Nova Necklace ▪ Reverence Necklace ▪ Athena Earrings ▪ Anika Table Runner ▪ Cleo Bracelet ▪ Milo… Continue reading Give HOPE | Day Two

Personal Blog

No Longer Lost

Restless. That's how I've been feeling... ...restless. Until now. Something happened last week. I received notice that I did not move forward in the interview process for a FT teaching position at the community college where I currently adjunct. What surprised me most, when I read the notice, was not the feeling of loss -… Continue reading No Longer Lost