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For the audience of ONE

I know I’m about three months behind schedule, but I finally sat down and seriously thought about/made goals for this calendar year. And for the first time in God knows how long, my goals were not focused on making more money, being more visible on social media, or all about self-promotion. My goals have been made based on self-awareness.

What I’ve come to realize after all of this time is that God’s got my back. He has always taken care of me, provided for me, guided me. It’s been me who has been seeking ways to be OF this world…but being OF this world clouds my judgement and misguides my steps.

I don’t know when this connection finally clicked for me – perhaps it’s always been there and it’s just taken until now for me to LIVE the truth – but I do believe in practicing what I preach…and I can’t tell my students that the true, good, beautiful is all around us, in the cracks and crevices that are shielded by outside noise, and be a large contributing factor to that noise.

Can the true, good and beautiful be in that outside noise? I’m sure it can be – for those who have found a way to balance their gifts with their audience. I, however, am far too self-centered (I think that’s a harsh word, but it fits) to achieve this balance. And so, I set off on this life journey with my toes pointed forward and for the audience of one.


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