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Well done, good and faithful servant

My first career-job out of college was with a local PR agency who had ties to the Bush family. This meant I got the exciting opportunity to be an Advanced Lead Representative a few times when former President Bush would visit AZ. Those are some of the fondest memories I have; I was so young and so star-struck. Speaking with Mr. Bush was like talking to my grandfather; he was just an incredible human being with a life lived. One of my sweetest memories was captured by The Arizona Republic. He was speaking at ASU and while the emcee was going on and on with the opening remarks, Mr. Bush wanted to peek his head through the curtain to look at the crowd so I pulled back the curtain just a hair. The paper captured him peeking like a kid on Christmas morning as they try to sneak a glimpse under the tree. My hand is in the shot below Mr. Bush’s smiling face. Rest well Mr. President, rest well.


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