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Ethical Gift-Giving Guide: Day 4

-Let’s show Guatemala some love this CYBER MONDAY-

One word: Huipil. 😍 Huipil is to TOH what shiplap is to Fixer Upper. #butidigress #huiplap #somebodystopme

Meet your next portable, functional masterpiece, the MAYA Wallet. #OOOOH #AAAAHHH This beautiful wallet measures 3 ¾” x 8 1/16” and is trimmed in genuine leather. It features 4 card slots, 2 currency dividers, an interior zippered pocket, and a magnetic snap closure.

Handcrafted by women in Guatemala who are overcoming abuse, poverty, and heartache. These women are using their skills to create products that will provide for their families and allow their children to receive an education. Dreams can be realized through the sales of these beautiful, traditional goods. #fairisthenewblack

Purchase yours, here! 💜


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